Take Your Next Networking Event By Storm

Networking events are a great way to put your business on display and potentially grow it. Usually, we think that simply attending a networking event will give us the publicity, but networking events have a lot more to offer if you do them correctly.

Plan Ahead

One way to get the most out of a networking event is by researching the people that will be attending. Research the people that you are trying to impress so that you can cater your idea to their likes, dislikes, and background. You can also find out ahead of time what you may have in common with other people at the event and use that as a strength to market yourself and your ideas.

Ask Questions and Connect

Instead of talking about yourself, talk about others. Ask people questions about themselves, their goals, and their ideas. Giving people the opportunity to tell you about themselves could result in a great business opportunity. Focus on making an effort to connect with those around you. When you meet people think about how you can help them, and how they can help you. Also consider if you know anyone else that would be a good business networking opportunity for this person.

Focus On Others

On the note of focusing on others. It is important to focus on the way that other people are feeling, rather than how you are feeling. Give the person you are interacting with your undivided attention. Be a great listener, and ask questions in response to what you are hearing. Giving others your full attention will not only make them feel great, but it will also make you memorable to them. Another very important tip is to never leave a conversation to converse with someone considered “more important.” Make sure that you confidently close every conversation before moving on to the next one.

Don’t Be Pushy

Not one likes the person that shows up to an event with nothing on their mind but sales and money. Do not attend a networking event and try to push sales the entire time that you are there. Networking events are a great way to develop leads but should not be used as an opportunity for direct sales on the spot.

Be Open and Introduce Yourself

Body language speaks a number of words before you ever open your mouth. Keep an open posture to appear approachable. Keep your head up, your legs and arms uncrossed, and smile! Smiling shows that you are open, approachable, and happy! This will convey the message that you are open to being approached. When approached, or approaching someone else, be sure to introduce yourself. Make eye contact, and use a firm handshake. If you are an introvert, set a goal for yourself such as, “I will introduce myself to at least five people tonight.” Setting goal gives you room for personal growth and improvement.

Follow Up

Any leads that you meet at a networking event do have an expiration date, believe it or not. When a business opportunity comes knocking, you should answer the door immediately! If you have met people that you plan to get in touch with, doing it within 72 hours of the event is the appropriate time frame to do so. Waiting any longer makes you appear uninterested in the offer or opportunity.

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