Can you reliably reach 2 million plus active retail investors? We do this for public companies every day. Without technology what we’re doing would be humanly impossible, which is why we leverage (SAI) Social Artificial Intelligence. Imagine creating 22 unique digital messaging variations per day (8,000 per year) and circulating it every day to a 2 million plus and growing community of highly targeted retail investors and matching the exact variations of each message to the correct investors social profile based on roughly 98 personal data points that indicate social cues and investment preferences…

SmartReach Application

Can You Imagine?

Do you think your companies stock would benefit from being able to put a specific and relevant message in front of a network of 2 million plus highly targeted investors that are historically very active?

Value Driven

Imagine, not only having a way to distribute your message, but being able to do it reliably at scale to a highly targeted audience of retail investors actively looking for great investment opportunities. And, doing it in a manner that reaches them in the most cost effective way. We don’t replace traditional IR we accelerate it.


Imagine if that capability and power came with complete control and transparency so you knew exactly what was going on over the course of the distribution.

Measurable Results

Everybody has to justify expenditures, and we’re guessing you’re no different in that respect. You should expect a documented ROI when your company engages in a distribution campaign that is based on data and not gut feel. This is why we offer complete transparency. Imagine receiving weekly and monthly reports that you can analyze to assess whether or not the distribution you’re doing is having a positive impact on your stock and accelerating your investor relations. With us that’s all possible, because we know you need to be able to use real data to continue justifing the investment in distribution.

Action Based Indicators

Imagine having the granular analytics that provide you a report with the exact number of unique investors in the distribution audience that have viewed your company and checked their trading account immedietly after taking a look at your company’s IR information.

That’s What An IR Accelerator Campaign Can Do For Your Public Company

The Heavy Lifting Is Done

We’ve already done the heavy lifting of attracting and capturing the attention of our highly targeted investors by using AI software and social media to pair years of on the ground relationship building in the investment community with big data to create a process that you can use to deliver a powerful, measurable, and stock accelerating result for your company.

2 Million + Funding Sources

Through our IR Accelerator Program, you will have access to a unique opportunity to leverage our global network of 2 million plus funding sources to increase your public company’s exposure to the retail investor marketplace. Our campaigns have proven to be an extremely effective retail investor marketing program, and we are able to deliver cost-effective results in conjunction with traditional IR programs. In-fact engaging in an IR Accelerator Campaign can be a great complement to your more traditional IR efforts.

We Are Not For Everyone

If your application is approved and we choose to take you on as a client and engage in running a campaign for you. This is how it will work. We start out by taking the time to get to know you and your public company over the course of a few video calls. During which we gather the appropriate and relevant information needed. We then build you a unique IR page, setup your campaign with specific tracking, analytics and design a series of targeted unique digital marketing messages that change on average 22 times a day. These messages will be circulated to our audience of 2+ million highly targeted investors.


After approval from you, we begin distribution and aggressively monitor and rapidly modify the series of digital marketing messages through our AI technology to deliver more of what works and less of what does not. This is based on real-time data and not gut feel. These campaigns are all science, no art. This results in delivering effective, engaging, and targeted messages to each member of our audience. We both know that no two people are alike in their preferences, you and us included, and we all respond to information differently based on how it is presented to us.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

Unique Variations Over 6 Months

Unique Investors

Unique Messages Created a Day

Personal Data Points

Answers to Your Questions

So why can’t we just do this ourselves or hire a savvy millennial to do something similar?

Frankly most if it can be done by a savvy millennial except for three key pieces that are born from broad industry experience and time in the business. Our competitive advantage lies in pairing the eager hunger and technical wizardry of savvy millennials on our team with the salty experience of senior members who have spent many years curating, building trust with and expanding daily our audience of highly targeted investors. This combination is augmented by our artificial intelligence software. Which is why during an IR Accelerator Campaign the distribution of messaging about your company happens rapidly and takes place primarily in the digital world. A place where more and more investors are getting daily information, after all your digital device these days is almost glued to you.

This rapid optimization and message creation along with our highly targeted investor community is what makes it lengthy, costly and difficult if not impossible to replicate this in-house in a short period of time. We have spent many years curating, building trust with and expanding our audience of highly targeted investors. And, this proprietary data set is why we are able to guarantee they will see your companies information if you are eligible to engage in an IR Accelerator Campaign.

What’s the value of engaging in distribution and initiating coverage with First Look Equities?

Our community of retail investors actively look to us for great investment opportunities. We focus entirely on delivering only high-quality opportunities. Obviously, we would erode and quickly lose all trust if we shared any and all opportunities that came across our desk. That’s why we do the legwork so our community of highly targeted investors can carry out their due diligence faster and make a decision to act or not act sooner. It’s also why we turn away a lot of opportunities when they don’t meet our standards. By meeting our qualifications and going through our strict application process we are able to give you our stamp of approval and begin initiating coverage and proudly highlighting your company under our circulation in the best light possible. This vetting is the keystone of our community and the trust we have with them is a driver of action on your stock. They know that anything we share is an opportunity worth taking a first look at it.

Are all the investors in your community going to be interested in our public companies stock?

The short answer is no. And, I think we’d all be fooling ourselves if we tried to convince you otherwise. This is the exact we reason we have pioneered the use of Social Artificial Intelligence (SAI) software when initiating coverage and delivering ongoing distribution. Combining SAI with common sense and long-time industry knowledge we leverage the ability to analyze 98 different personal data points of the investors in our community. Which allows us to deliver each of them information about investment opportunities that they are most likely to act on. Equally important is that we deliver the information in a way that is relevant to the investors in our community based on what we know about their investment preferences.

Will you be left behind or stay ahead of the curve?

Please keep in mind you may only apply if you represent a public company already trading in the NYSE, NASDAQ, or OTC Markets. We’ve outlined the requirements below. We welcome your application so long as you meet these qualifications.


  • Volume requirement 10,000+ shares per day.
  • You must be in revenue.
  • Minimum Market Cap of $50 M.
  • Individual stock price at least $0.50
  • Qualified exchanges: OTCQB or OTCQX


  • Volume requirement 50,000+ shares per day
  • Minimum Market Cap of $100 M.
  • Individual stock price at least $1+


  • Volume requirement 50,000+ shares per day
  • Minimum Market Cap of $200 M
  • Individual stock price at least $2+