Kara Kennedy Joins First Look Equities Advisory Board

Kara Kennedy Joins First Look Equities Advisory Board, and was recently interviewed by Investor Town Hall on her experience teaming up with First Look Equities. As a compliance solutions specialist for small and mid-capital businesses, Kara has attended prior business networking events and subsequently, she has valuable insight into how First Look Equities stands out above the rest.


One of the most notable differences that Kara remarks upon during her interview is that networking events coordinated by First Look Equities have a very grassroots, local, personal feel to them. She contrasted the warm, proactive introductions offered during the First Look Equities event she attended to others in the industry, where contacts can be difficult to initiate among new faces and companies.


Kara also emphasized how impressed she was by the strategic and intentional follow-up with clients that resulted from the First Look Equities event. I hadn’t seen somebody go the extra mile like that, and really make those connections take root and last, she noted. Taking measures to check in with prospects or sources provides the nourishment that a successful business relationship needs to grow.


As a testimony to the quality that First Look Equities networking events offer, Kara confirmed during her interview that from her experience, her clients were able to garner the funding they needed, and as a resource company, Kara earned their business. The events offered by First Look Equities enable those who invest their time to attend and engage with others, to gain real results.


Kara went on to say that the success of networking events is largely dependent on the organizer, and in this case, First Look Equities founder Delray Wannemacher left her nothing short of impressed. Maintaining viable, lasting business relationships is key to networking in any industry, and especially so in finance and fundraising.

For more information on becoming a member for First Look Equities as an investor, presenting company or resource company visit: https://firstlookequities.com/

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