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STOP. First things first – check and see if you have a basic listing.

If you do. Ask yourself, “If I was a prospect and I saw my basic listing, would I know enough information to want to contact myself and engage in a meaningful business development conversation?”  If the answer is NO, then move onto
Step 2.

If the answer is YES, then ask yourself if you are delusional or just damn good. Remember the people who come here are looking for innovative and reliable business people that can solve their most important problems.

Step 2

Before you go spending all your lunch money you need to decide how you want to be represented in the marketplace. You know this might not even be a good decision for you and we might not accept your application for listing.

Education time: If you are the kind of person that makes informed decisions keep reading.

We have a 5 options designed to serve you depending on your needs and business growth desires. You can see the important decision making details at the bottom of this page by clicking here

Step 3…drum roll please!


Step 3

You apply, and if we accept your listing you begin your journey with First Look Equities Capital Marketplace Directory… It’s always possible that your next big client will find you here.

But you know what they say…you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. So if you don’t apply well….you get the picture.

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