Ideal Business Opportunities

If you are looking for investment and business opportunities, look no further than First Look Equities. First Look Equites has created a flawless system of creative minds, investors, and sponsorship to offer business opportunities to all kinds of people. Investors have the opportunity to view presentations that may well suit them and their investment dreams and goals, while presenters have the opportunity to get their dreams funded.  The sponsors will then invest in the opportunities that interest them, providing the financial support that the creator was seeking. These mutually beneficial relationships lead to success for all involved.

How To Get Involved?

To be a presenter or an investor, choose from one of our four event passes. Space is limited, so if you are interested in being a part of our next company networking retreat to be exposed to numerous business opportunities, register now.

Get Funded By a Sponsor

In a world full of entrepreneurs, plenty of great ideas can be found, but funding is a little harder to come by. First Look Equites makes it easy to find funding by giving you the opportunity to present your idea to a group of people who are already looking to fund someone.

Be an Investor

As an investor, you will have the opportunity to see multiple idea pitches during the conference. If any of the ideas catch your interest, you are more than welcome to offer to sponsor the presenter, or multiple presenters. The sky’s the limit.


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