Gene Wright Joins First Look Advisory Board

Northstar Consulting founder Gene Wright has joined the Board of Directors here at First Look Equities. Recently, Gene gave an interview to Investor Town Hall regarding his experience working in crowdfunding, and how First Look Equities stands above the rest.


Having attended prior First Look Equities conferences, Gene lauded our progressive business networking environment. He noted that we combine “virtual connectivity platforms with quarterly meetings,” and added, “Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of resources available at First Look Equities.”


A strong representation of both companies and funders is important in the business of fundraising and crowdfunding. On this topic, Gene was highly enthusiastic about the quality of the companies he had seen presenting at First Look Equities conferences. “They’re exceptionally well-prepared,” stated Gene, adding that any investor would likely say their time was very well spent at the conference due to this high standard.


As with any relationships, trust is a foundational, critical piece. Given the global scope of access that the Internet provides, and the increase in online access and business conduct, establishing and maintaining a trustworthy relationship is important. “The ability to meet face to face with the people involved helps to establish trust on both sides of the table,” said Gene.


Gene pointed out during his interview that many people may not realize that crowdfunding is largely a very localized effort, with as much as 60-70% of crowdfunding coming from within a small geographic radius. As a Georgia resident himself, Gene is keen to be a part of Atlanta-based First Look Equities’ board of directors, stating that we “help create more funding opportunities within the state of Georgia, to create and keep jobs and funds here.”  Each of these elements makes up who we are at First Look Equities. To build further, to connect, and to succeed, we must work together to share our knowledge and experience. Contact First Look Equities today, and start building lasting funding and capital investment relationships today.

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