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About First Look Equities

Connecting the best Investments, Investors and Resources Globally
FLE Is a Capital Marketplace built through physical events, media, and technology. FLE has access to 1+ million funding sources globally.  FLEs mission is the find the best investments and connect them with the best resources and funding sources possible to save everyone time and money.

Competitive Advantage

Through our Capital Campaign program, we have a unique ability to leverage our global network of 1+ million founding sources to accelerate access to capital through Traditional financing, Crowdfunding campaign or public company’s exposure to the retail investor marketplace. This program has proven to be one of the most effective retail investor marketing programs with a much lower cost. Today, IR companies, service providers, and public companies are accelerating their exposure to retail investors with complete control and transparency.

Network and Connecting

Through strong partners and a global network of over 320 locations, First Look Equities has been in business over seven years, building relationships with a variety of Alternative Funding sources including accredited investors, broker-dealers, and RIA’s that now expands to over one million.

Connecting the best Issures, Investors and Resources globally

Some History


FLE was proud to Support 1st World Trade Day in Atlanta!

Changes in leadership and country dynamics in key countries like the U.S, UK, China, Brazil, and even Cuba have raised questions about the future of trade policies, government regulations, and even diplomatic relations.

Sweeping changes that impact everything from tariffs and immigration to in-country logistics and brand reputation are expected. Yet, most global executives are uncertain about how to prepare for the effects of disruptions as well as capture hidden opportunities.

World Trade Day is bringing experts in global trade and investment to foster key conversations and connections to help us all navigate through uncertain times.

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August 2016 - First Look Equities Launches Main Street Meets Wall Street


First Look Equities partnered Investor Town Hall to launch Main Street Meets Wall Street to give companies better exposure and access to capital across many industries and levels.

April 2016 - First Look Equities has 3rd Summit in Atlanta, GA - Southeast Region


A breakthrough capital investment summit featuring panels, presentations, and speakers from a wide variety of levels.  We examined the capital investment regulatory changes in Georgia Representative Dar’aShun, Representative Stevens, Representative Hill, and Senator Jones.  For capital investment we had speakers like Kendall Almerico (CEO of Bankroll), Steve Sadler (CEO Of Allegiancy), and Delray Wannemacher of First Look Equities.


Investment Opportunities were presented by NEUROMetrix, Allegiency, Pressure BioSciences, LifeClips, UMED, and SharkReach, and Ksix Media Holdings.

Download the Full Program (PDF)

January 2016 - First Look Equities has 2nd Summit in Atlanta, GA - Southeast Region


First Look Equities hosts a summit on the prime subject of Crowdfunding in Atlanta.  Our keynote speaker was Kendall Almerico a leading crowdfunding attorney based in Washington, D.C. and several other panelists on the subject.

The summit featured other speakers such as: Secretary of State Brian Kemp (Georgia), Ryan Germany (General Counsel of Secretary of State), Jervis Hugh (IFS Securities), Noula Zaharis (Secretary of State’s Office), John Yates (Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP), Kara Kennedy (Cleartrust), Steve Sadler (Allegiancy), Gene Massey (MediaShares), Dara Albright, Nick Bharguava (Groundfloor), Vincent Russo (Robbins Ross Alloy Belinfante Littlefield LLC) and Delray Wannemacher (First Look Equities)

Capital Investment Presentations: Titan Solar, IML Corp, Allegiancy, MedicFP, .green, MVP REID III, Pressure BioSciences, Pulse, Irrisept, and SkyMedicus.

Download the Full Program (PDF)

December 2015 - First Look Equities Adds 300+ Global Locations for Members


First Look Equities partnered with the World Trade Center and the City Club of Buckhead in their headquarters city of Atlanta to give members options to connect and expand their relationships.

September 2015 - First Look Equities 1st Summit in Atlanta


The innagural launch of the First Look Equities summit was incredible!  We had a great list of panelists and speakers along with great First Look capital presentations and explored a variety of subjects in the capital investment space.  The outreach was so helpful for those looking for great relationships and new connections all over the US.

Featured speakers were: Paul Dickman (Breakwater Finance), Christen Lambert (Law Firm of Christen Lambert), Richard Anslow (Ellenhoff Grossman & Schole), Kara Kennedy (Cleartrust), Jason Paltrowitz (OTC Markets), David Donohoe (Donohoe Advisory Associates LLC), Robert Haag (IRTH Communications), Mary Twiss (OTC Markets Group), David Feldman (Duane Morris), Karen Ard (Equinox), Jervis Hugh (IFS Securities), Jason Myer (CXO Collective), Gene Wright (Northstar Consulting), and Delray Wannemacher of First Look Equities.

Capital Investment Presentations: Guided Therapeutics, Diversified Resources,  MyCROSite, John Henry Oil Corporation, Seafarer Exploration Corp, and Christina.

Download the Full Program (PDF)

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