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Ultra-Targeted Low-Cost Engagement with Real Investors

Your Stock + Our 2 Million+ Investors = Measurable Results

Through our IR Accelerator Program, you will have access to a unique opportunity to leverage our global network of 2 million plus funding sources to increase your public company’s exposure to the retail investor marketplace. Our IR Accelerator campaigns have proven to be an extremely effective retail investor marketing program, and we are able to deliver cost-effective results in conjunction with traditional IR programs. In-fact engaging in an IR Accelerator Campaign can be a great complement to your more traditional IR efforts.

If your application is approved and we choose to take you on as a client and engage in running a campaign for you. This is how it will work. We start out by taking the time to get to know you and your public company over the course of a few video calls. During which we gather the appropriate and relevant information needed. We then build you a unique IR page, setup your campaign with specific tracking, analytics and design a series of targeted unique digital marketing messages that change on average 22 times a day. These messages will be circulated to our audience of 2+ million highly targeted investors.

Our community of retail investors actively look to us for great investment opportunities. We focus entirely on delivering only high-quality opportunities. Obviously, we would erode and quickly lose all trust if we shared any and all opportunities that came across our desk. That’s why we do the legwork so our community of highly targeted investors can carry out their due diligence faster and make a decision to act or not act sooner. It’s also why we turn away a lot of opportunities when they don’t meet our standards. By meeting our qualifications and going through our strict application process we are able to give you our stamp of approval and begin initiating coverage and proudly highlighting your company under our circulation in the best light possible. This vetting is the keystone of our community and the trust we have with them is a driver of action on your stock. They know that anything we share is an opportunity worth taking a first look at it.

SmartReach Campaigns

If you are a public company our value is to you is the audience we have. We put your IR information in front of our multi-million audience of highly targeted investors using Social AI to put it right in front of their eye-balls.

Who We Are

Our company is guided by a team of experts in finance and marketing, including Delray Wannemacher, former president of Accredited Members, a company that he grew to over $50+ million of market cap. Ismael Fernandez, PhD, one of the top EB-5 consultants in the country focused on international financing

Delray Wannemacher

Delray Wannemacher

Founder and CEO

Ismael Fernandez, PhD

Ismael Fernandez, PhD

Director of Operations