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Your Stock + Our 2 Million Retail Investors = Measurable Results. Can you reliably reach 2 million plus active retail investors? We do this for public companies every day. Without technology what we’re doing would be humanly impossible, which is why we leverage (SAI) Social Artificial Intelligence. Imagine creating 22 unique digital messaging variations per day (8,000 per year) and circulating it every day to a 2 million plus and growing community of highly targeted retail investors and matching the exact variations of each message to the correct investors social profile based on roughly 98 personal data points that indicate social cues and investment preferences…

Last month, across our channels,

we distributed information to


First Look Featured Investment Opportunities

CVR Medical

Company: CVR Medical
Ticker Symbol: CRRVF
Market: OTC

First Look IR Accelerator Campaign Featured Case Studies

Case Study- Company 1(OTC PINK)

Case Study- Company 1(OTC PINK)

29.1% of Trade Volume Change can be statistically traced to a change in FLE’s Campaign Investor Page Views from prior month
Trading Volume and Stock Price have experienced an upward movement.
Average Trading Volume in January is at 1.4 Million shares per day.

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